We create high-performing formulas with a dedication to delivering innovative and customizable products. A favorite among beauty influencers and professionals, we offer award-winning formulas and a diverse range of foundation in 40 shades and 3 undertones.

Cover Better
This Is A Base With Benefit

Great makeup is as much about what’s in it as what’s not. Our products are enriched with good-for-you ingredients and without parabens, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil, and talc, making for a vegan formula that everyone can wear. This is makeup you can feel good about using—and feel good wearing. 

Custom FX
The Power of You

We innovate to feed your inspirations. Creating products that let you add to your life: +illuminate, +matte, +glitter, +whatever you’re feeling. We’re the champions of customization and we’re always changing the game—one drop at a time.

It All Adds Up

We’re here to empower you to be who you are and to unleash your creativity. We make confidence-building, best-self-showing, easy-to-customize makeup that lets the real you show through. We celebrate uniqueness and champion realness. Because putting on a good face isn’t just something you do with makeup. 

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