Our Promise
We make products that you can feel good about using - and feel good wearing. Gone are the days of sacrificing good-for-you ingredients for the latest trends. Because in our world, what's out is in.
Vegan & Cruelty Free
Our formulas are vegan, cruelty free and safe for even the most sensitive of skin. We do not test on animals and we certify that all of our makeup products are 100% vegan and PETA approved.
The X List:
Ingredients We're Free Of
Talc is used as a smoothing agent in powders to enhance application. However, it often appears flat and could be linked to cancer. Instead, we use ultra finely milled mica which gives the skin a soft focus finish without looking cakey.
We're extremely conscious of those with gluten sensitivity, so we formulate 100% gluten free to ensure everyone can use our products freely.
Mineral Oil
Mineral Oil is an emollient known to clog pores. Instead, we use non-comedogenic emollients like vegan Squalane and Vitamin F for hydration, breathability and improved makeup application.
Fragrance can make cosmetics smell nice, but they are known to irritate the skin. We make our products fragrance-free to minimize risk for irritation and to make room for more good-for-you ingredients.
Parabens are preservatives that extend the life of cosmetics but may also be linked to serious health concerns. We use alternatives that are both effective and clean.
Sulfates are detergents found in cleansers that strip the skin of its natural oils and can cause dryness. We do not use SLS/SLES in any of our products.
Phthalates are used to increase transparency, durability, and flexibility but they are also affiliated with serious health concerns. We do not formulate with phthalates in any of our products.